Help Out

The first and most important thing you can do to help me is to VOTE for me on October 15, 2022 and encourage other people to vote for me, too!

Other ways to help…

Financial Support

I will need some financial donations to buy yard signs, and support media and advertising costs. Political donations are immensely helpful to my campaign for Campbell River City Council.

You can make a political donation through my website, via Paypal, by clicking the button below, or we can arrange a meet-up to talk more about it.

For e-transfer or more information, please email:

Please note: I am required to have a mailing address for my financial records, donations must be from people who reside in BC, and are permanent residents or citizens of Canada, and individuals can not donate over $1250.00 / person.

Lawn Sign Hosting

Want a Lawn Sign when the time comes on Aug. 30th?

Leave your address and contact info below and I will reach out to drop one off- depending on the amount that I am able to purchase! A small financial donation of about $10 dollars will also help me get more signs into the community and onto your lawn (if you want!).

Human Support

You can also volunteer with my campaign by helping me to door knock, host a lawn sign, or do community outreach.

Please leave your e-mail in the form below, or contact me at

When to Vote

The Municipal Election Is Scheduled for

Oct. 15, 2022

Get in Touch

(250) 588-9276

For Donations, please e-mail: or use the button below!

Authorized by Gwendolyn Donaldson, Financial Agent

I currently work and reside in the Territory of the Ligwilda’xw Nations: We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum, Kwiakah, and Walitsima / Kahkahmatsis.