Focus Areas

As a Campbell River City Councillor, I will work to ensure that we build a Campbell River that respects our past. But, is innovative and resilient enough to survive and thrive for many generations to come.

I am passionate about creating a Campbell River that will meet the needs of future generations, is a place where kids and youth can grow and build a solid foundation, and is welcoming to visitors, economically thriving, and socially supportive of everyone who calls this place home.  

An Efficient Campbell River

Good governance, collaboration, and positive management are important for an efficient city. We need to avoid leadership that is wrapped up in conflict, distrust, and individual interests.

We need to embrace a governance style built on co-operation, collaboration, and transparency. We need to efficiently manage the financial, capital, and human resources that are at the disposal of the City. And we need to create a functional environment that inspires innovation, while supporting long-term growth and development.

If I am elected to city council, I will work to:

  • take full advantage of federal and provincial grants and funding opportunities
  • listen to the people of Campbell River and the professional staff. I will avoid requesting redundant reports. I will look to support policies that are evidence-based and follow established best practices.
  • invest appropriately in infrastructure upgrades, so that we have better and more cost effective results over the long term.
  • advocate for contemporary public policies and procedures
  • be transparent to encourage engagement and accountability.

A Resilient Campbell River

Growing up in a commercial fishing family, we faced a lot of challenges with the government. Throughout my childhood, my father switched fishing sectors a number of times. I learned that it is necessary to adapt, grow, and change, in order to survive in the coastal resource sector.

We need to support solutions for the future. We need to change, adapt, and innovate, as a community. I don’t believe that we can do things the way we have always done them. We need to build a Campbell River that will survive climate change. I want to build a Campbell River that will still be here for my great-grandchildren. To do that, we need to build and prioritise local systems that are environmentally conscious.

A Creative Campbell River

Creativity comes in all ways. We can be creative in our policies, and in our approaches to social change and challenge. We can build creativity into our communities by supporting arts and culture. We can support recreation and tourism to make life better for those who live here and those who visit our region.

We can build a Campbell River that captures the imagination of our visitors, our residents, and our investors. We need to create an economy that businesses can thrive in and we need to create a community that people want to (and can) live in.

I will support creativity in the development of our comunity. We need to inspire better aesthetics in our community, better urban planning, better public transportation, better public art, better housing options, and a better downtown. We need to be creative as we move into the future. I want to grow old in Campbell River; but, I want to grow old in a Campbell River that my children will be proud of and able to call home, many decades from now.

When to Vote

The Municipal Election Is Scheduled for

Oct. 15, 2022

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Authorized by Gwendolyn Donaldson, Financial Agent

I currently work and reside in the Territory of the Ligwilda’xw Nations: We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum, Kwiakah, and Walitsima / Kahkahmatsis.